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Nicht nur so in der Laura Lehmann bricht sie auf einen besonderen Sendungen aller Episoden bestellt.

Scrubs Cast

J.D., Turk, Elliott, Carla, Dr. Co, Dr. Kelso, Jordan, Todd und natürlich den Hausmeister haben uns in der Krankenhaus-Sitcom „Scrubs“ von Doch natürlich endeten die Karrieren der Darsteller*innen nicht mit der Serie. In unserer Galerie seht ihr, was Zach Braff und Co. heute so treiben. madeleine sigrist. JD, Turk, Carla, Elliot, Dr. Kelso, Dr. Cox, der Hausmeister – we love Scrubs! An der Serie wurde bis gedreht, wobei die.

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Junge angehende Ärzte erleben in einem bizarren Krankenhaus täglich Unvorhersehbares. Sein Darsteller war außerdem Dramaturg und Produzent einiger Folgen. Dr. Seymour „Beardface“ (in der deutschen Synchronisation „Bartfratze“) Beardfacé (​in. Community. Scrubs: Cast & Crew. Darsteller; Regie; Drehbuch; Produktion; Produktionsfirma; Musik; Kamera; Schnitt; Szenenbild; Maske; Regieassistenz; Ton. Scrubs - Die Anfänger Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Zach Braff​, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison u.v.m. madeleine sigrist. JD, Turk, Carla, Elliot, Dr. Kelso, Dr. Cox, der Hausmeister – we love Scrubs! An der Serie wurde bis gedreht, wobei die. Cast und Crew von "Scrubs - Die Anfänger". Crew. Regisseur, Produzent: Bill Lawrence; Regisseur: Zach Braff; Produzent, Regisseur: Randall Winston. Manchmal feiern die Serienstars sogar Reunion. Was die „Scrubs“-Darsteller heute machen, erfahrt ihr hier. „Grey's Anatomy“: Kommt ein Darsteller zur Serie.

Scrubs Cast

J.D., Turk, Elliott, Carla, Dr. Co, Dr. Kelso, Jordan, Todd und natürlich den Hausmeister haben uns in der Krankenhaus-Sitcom „Scrubs“ von madeleine sigrist. JD, Turk, Carla, Elliot, Dr. Kelso, Dr. Cox, der Hausmeister – we love Scrubs! An der Serie wurde bis gedreht, wobei die. Die Rolle des Hausmeisters war eigentlich nur als Nebendarsteller gedacht, da er aber in jeder Episode vorkam wurde er ab der zweiten Staffel zu den. Drew Suffin 3 Fans. Elizabeth Banks. Randolph 0 Fans. Paradise PD. Doc Hollywood. April ; abgerufen am 2. Turk and Carla become parents when Carla gives birth to their daughter Isabella. Archived from the original on November 7, Connections Referenced in Game Over, Man! Also in Season 6, it was revealed that he was a surgeon. Donald Faison was the only original cast member, besides John C. You Der Hobbit Extended Stream hear what [the interns] call Dr. Warner 1 Episode Scrubs Cast

He eventually becomes best friends with Keith Dudemeister. With the help of the Janitor and J. Ted makes three guest appearances outside of the Scrubs series on Cougar Town.

In the second season 2 finale , written and directed by Bill Lawrence , he visits the main cast in Hawaii and says that Gooch has run off with an unseen "Dr.

In her free time, Laverne enjoyed soap operas and office gossip. She was a devout Christian and had strong opinions on premarital sex, abortion, and other actions.

It is later revealed that she maintained much of her religious devotion as a way to cope with seeing suffering and death in the hospital every day.

Laverne was one of the few staff members who could intimidate imposing employees such as Dr. Cox, the Janitor, Dr. Kelso, and Carla, with whom she was especially close.

Laverne had a husband named Lester, a son, and a nephew Lance who fought in the Iraq War. She and Lester were shown to have marital problems, and her attempts to fix them were unsuccessful.

While driving to the hospital one morning, Laverne is involved in a car accident, fell into a coma , and was put on life support. Her family decide to take her off after learning that she was brain dead.

Employees of the hospital visited her and spoke to her, saying final goodbyes. Carla, unable to admit that Laverne had no chance of recovering, avoided this and was followed around by a manifestation of her feelings that took the shape of Laverne.

The manifestation disappeared once Carla finally said goodbye to Laverne, and Laverne died almost immediately afterward. Her character made a brief appearance in a flashback in "My Comedy Show" and in the Season 8 finale, in J.

After Scrubs was renewed for a seventh season, creator Bill Lawrence promised Aloma Wright another role, because he had killed off Laverne under the impression that the show was in its final season.

Initial reports that she would play Shirley—Laverne's twin sister, who was supposed to be the alcoholic , nonreligious "anti-Laverne", turned out to be untrue.

She first appeared in "My Bad" Season 1 as J. Cox's ex-wife. Jordan's father, Quinn Sullivan, was on the Board of Directors, and she inherited the position after his death.

She was the sister of the deceased Ben Sullivan who was a close friend of Dr. Cox and Danni Sullivan an ex-girlfriend of J.

You have slept with both of my sisters". After her divorce from Dr. Cox, they maintained a strictly sexual relationship, and they both continued to have feelings for each other and got back together shortly before the birth in Season 2's "My Karma" of their son, Jack.

However, Jordan did not tell Dr. Cox that he was the child's father for several episodes, because she wanted to make sure he truly wanted to be with her.

Though Dr. Cox and Jordan had been shown to bicker, Dr. Cox remarked that Jordan now refused to argue with him because she did not want Jack to be emotionally scarred.

When Jordan and Dr. Cox found out that their divorce papers had not been signed correctly and that they were still legally married, their relationship became strained.

Deciding that marriage was ruining their relationship, they got a legal divorce. Later, they had a daughter, Jennifer Dylan named by J.

In Season 8, both Jordan and Dr. Cox started to wear their wedding rings again, even though they were no longer married.

Jordan was portrayed as sarcastic , vindictive, and cold; she blamed this on her parents, but later admitted to Elliot that her parents had been supportive and were not the cause of her behavior.

Cox's nickname for her, "Evil Dogface". Jordan is occasionally portrayed to struggle with being middle aged. Despite her cruelty, Jordan showed loyalty toward friends and sometimes tried to fix her wrongdoings.

She eventually developed a tolerance and almost fondness for Elliot, which seemed to stem from the fact that they were both able to manipulate their boyfriends and that they were both "nervous pooers".

When Elliot was dating Keith, they double-dated with Jordan and Cox a couple of times. In later episodes, Jordan was easily annoyed by Elliot, and in " Their Story ", she purposely tried to cause tension between Elliot and Keith.

However, she managed to fix the damage at the end of the episode. In later seasons, Jordan formed a friendship with Carla. In " My Finale ", she kissed J.

Then, realizing to her horror that she was becoming nice, she insulted Ted to balance it out. During J. Cox, and their family spent Christmas with J.

Doug Murphy, played by Johnny Kastl , was a pathologist at Sacred Heart, formerly a doctor of internal medicine. Doug was an incompetent nervous wreck who often accidentally killed patients assigned to him, and even had causes of deaths named after him.

He even said in the season 4 episode "My First Kill" his first kill was 40 minutes into his first day. Because of his anxiety, he was nicknamed "nervous guy" and "pee pants" by Dr.

Cox, who, along with Dr. Kelso, degraded him constantly. Despite his lack of medical skills and having to repeat his third year of residency, Doug eventually became a licensed physician.

However, he began to doubt himself and came to the conclusion that he should not be a doctor. While on a trip to the morgue , he realized that because of the number of deaths he had been responsible for, he was able to identify the cause of death of several people.

He became an expert coroner but still made several mistakes, such as forgetting a gurney , misplacing a dead body, or failing to retrieve a patient before rigor mortis set in.

He also mentioned in " My Way Home " that he hated dead people: J. Doug was often seen sucking on lollipops an homage to the original Kojak , as were other coroners at Sacred Heart.

At the baby shower for Carla and Turk's child, Doug and some other coroners were shown eating and trading lollipops. Doug and Ted often hung out with each other, and were revealed to bike and compete in triathlons together, as well.

Doug revealed that, after putting toe tags on cadavers for so long, he had developed a foot fetish , and he was later found hiding under a reception desk because he "got tired of looking at dead ones' feet".

The episode " My Intern's Eyes " was shown through but not narrated from Keith's point of view. Keith was introduced as a timid intern who became very popular amongst his fellow interns and some senior staff.

Despite all this, J. However, J. Despite J. Elliot, who spoke fluent German , informed J. Keith and Ted would eventually become best friends. Eventually, Keith moved in with Elliot and she confessed that she loved him.

Keith later proposed to her, and they quickly began to plan a wedding. She decided to break off the engagement. Their relationship became very strained, with Keith insulting Elliot whenever he saw her.

While he eventually acted professionally at work with her, he alternated between anger and depression outside of the workplace. Elliot made jokes about her leaving him, but Ted informed her that Keith was still hurt and pretended to be over it only when she was around.

Elliot finally realized his feelings in " My Jerks " and sincerely apologized for hurting him. Keith responded by saying he had really needed to hear that.

He appeared again in " My Finale " in J. Wen, played by Charles Chun , was an attending surgeon who mentored Turk and the Todd for their first three years at the hospital.

He tended to be very serious and business-like, and was one of very few characters not treated comically although a couple of attempts were made, such as when he and Turk argued over what song to play during a surgery and when he pushed Turk to help him beat Dr.

Cox and J. Wen was more dispassionate and modest than most surgeons, but he did have an egotistic, competitive side; he competed against Dr.

Cox in a wheelchair race between the medical and surgical branches. Little is known about Wen's personal life other than that he was married, and that his wife once broke her legs in a car accident.

Although his full position at the hospital is unknown, he was chief of surgery until he passed the title to Turk. He was inordinately fond of the song " A Little Respect " by Erasure.

Wen was not featured on the show after Season 6, but in Season 8, his name was seen on Dr. Cox's "Sometimes Allowed" list, [24] and he was parodied in the annual interns' sketch show.

Wen sketch was not working, referring to Dr. Wen's lack of comedic flair. When Carla became a surgical nurse, revealing things about Turk in surgery, Dr.

Wen was seen laughing with the Todd under his mask. He made an appearance in the series finale. Callahan and Wen parted ways in while working on 8 Simple Rules , a year before Callahan joined the show's writing staff.

In " My Catalyst ", his nametag said Phillip Wen. Benjamin "Ben" Sullivan, played by Brendan Fraser , was a carpenter and photographer who was Jordan's and Danni's older brother and Cox's brother-in-law and best friend.

Unlike his sisters, Ben was easygoing and friendly with a good sense of humor. He was an expert at identifying actresses who had appeared naked in movies a trait that allowed him to become quick friends with J.

Ben eventually went into remission. He then traveled on the "World Leukemia Tour" for two years and returned only in time for his nephew Jack's birthday in " My Screw Up ".

Cox, despite being displeased with Ben for not seeing a single "doctor, medicine man, or 'scary shaman with saucers in his ears ' " during his extended trip, was nonetheless delighted to see him again, and left Ben in J.

Ben went into cardiac arrest and died 20 minutes after Cox left the hospital. Cox took his death very hard, initially blaming J. Everyone at the hospital was saddened by Ben's death, and many senior staff members attended his funeral two days later.

Finally, Cox acknowledged Ben's death and his ghost dissipated. Cox sat with Jordan and J. While trying to impress a date, J. In Season 4, Lonnie became a second-year resident and was taught by co-chief residents Elliot and J.

He continued his residency in Season 5, supervised by Dr. He had three children "that he knew of", all daughters; he could grow a moustache in one day; and he played Big East Conference basketball for Villanova University , where he was All-Conference.

During Season 4, J. He briefly appeared in Season 6. Michael Hobert, who played him, also appeared as an extra in the pilot episode , as a patient getting an MRI scan near the end of the episode.

In the Season 8 finale, " My Finale ", Lonnie was shown one last time. His last words were, "I hate you so much, J. Lloyd, the Delivery Guy played by writer Mike Schwartz —whose last name may be Slawski, his father's surname [26] —was a member of the air band Cool Cats with Turk, Ted, and the Janitor, where he played air drums.

He had been in rehab for drug use but relapsed though he did not use needles, and carried a straw. He admitted to J. In an early episode, he was a patient at the hospital after getting his penis stuck in a flashlight.

He was also seen in a musical number after getting feces thrown in his eye by a homeless person. It was revealed that he was the son of "Colonel Doctor" when J.

Lloyd was also an avid fan of speed metal , which he aggressively blasted while driving his truck. Cox used Lloyd as part of a plan to get Nurse Laverne Roberts to admit that bad things sometimes happen for no reason, but she saw through the plan "That's not her father; that's a delivery guy in a sweater".

In " My Long Goodbye ", J. Cox's son, Jack, from daycare because J. Cox when he asked him to do it. Lloyd proceeded to blast speed metal from his radio with Jack in the car, lip-syncing to "Driving Down the Darkness" while Jack air drummed.

Lloyd was once referred to as the loneliest person in the hospital. He delivered syringes and installed Elliot's stripper pole in the episode " Their Story ", and it was revealed in " My Turf War " that he was a hypochondriac.

However, he was fired from the group after his tryout. In one of his early appearances, when making fun of Carla, his nametag said Frank.

Lloyd's uniform consisted of blue shorts and a blue shirt. According to RateYourDoc. This turned out to be false when Lloyd entered the room and said that he had faked his own death.

Kim had been working in the hospital on J. Elliot later remarked that Kim was actually divorced and wore the ring only to avoid unwanted advances from other doctors.

Ironically, the two had not actually had sex because they did not want to risk pregnancy; instead, their child was accidentally conceived via premature ejaculation during non-penetrative sex.

The two vacillated on whether to have an abortion, but decided to have the baby after Turk and Carla's daughter was born.

In " My House ", Kim accepted a position at a hospital in Tacoma, Washington , but said she would return in about four months. In light of this news, the two had a long conversation about their relationship and ultimately decided to end it.

At the end of the episode, however, Kim was seen during her ultrasound, having lied to J. Coincidentally, Kim was speaking at the convention, and was visibly still pregnant.

After J. She followed him back to Sacred Heart and confronted him. However, their relationship soon reignited, and they became a couple again. When Kim went into labor in " My Hard Labor ", she demanded to know what he really thought of their relationship.

After the birth, however, they agreed to remain friends for the sake of their child. She moved away afterward with Sam, but J. He was seen talking to an intern in Season 9's "Our First Day of School", but was only in the background and had no lines.

Kevin Casey, played by Michael J. Fox , was a doctor at a different hospital who was a close associate of Dr. He was a brilliant doctor who specialized in both internal medicine and surgery.

Casey suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder to an extreme degree: He washed his hands hours after his last surgery, avoided lengthy physical contact, and drove home to use his own restroom.

Although his condition harmed his personal life, he saw it as the key to his career success. Stating that medicine is all about obsession, he read and studied medical texts repeatedly and hypothesized every possible scenario that could befall a patient; he was essentially unflappable and enjoyed overall confidence.

His medical and surgical skills were superior to Dr. Cox's and Turk's. He also appeared to have a photographic memory and was able to cite information from thousands of pages of medical textbooks.

Coleman "Colonel Doctor" Slawski, played by Bob Bencomo, was a doctor whose name nobody seemed to know. He was seen as early as Season 1's " My Super Ego ", but his nickname stemming from his striking resemblance to Colonel Sanders was not introduced until Season 5's " My Jiggly Ball ", when he laughed at a joke Dr.

Kelso had made and Kelso said, "Thank you, Colonel Doctor! I don't know your name, and you look like that Kentucky Fried Chicken guy.

Like Dr. Mickhead, he was around since the show began but was originally supposed to be an extra. He was shown to be the father of Lloyd the Delivery Guy when J.

His real name was revealed in Season 7's " My Identity Crisis ". His name Coleman Slawski was a play on the word coleslaw.

He was seen in the background of many Season 9 episodes. Hooch, played by Phill Lewis , was an orthopedic surgeon whom Turk and J. When he was introduced, he was an easygoing guy, but because of a combination of people accidentally calling his name and J.

Hooch became very aggressive; he once knocked a man out with his shoe for trying to exit an elevator he was guarding for J.

Earlier in the same episode, when J. In response to Hooch's extreme behavior, J. They paired him with another doctor, Dr. Despite resenting J.

Hooch briefly replaced Turk as J. In " My Growing Pains ", Hooch was fired for being involved in a hostage situation.

This was presumably because Rex and three other interns had followed him around all day, again as a prank by J.

Cox's Office" list along with J. Jordan was no longer working at Sacred Heart at that point, either.

He was seen in the Season 8 finale in a straitjacket, saying, "Hooch is crazy. Leonard, played by producer Randall Winston, was the hospital's security guard, easily recognizable thanks to his height, giant afro and the hook he had in place of his right hand.

He was first seen in J. One of the show's many running jokes first made in Season 3's " My Screw Up " was that whenever he was mentioned, he was called the "big black security guard with the hook for the hand", but everyone knew him by his giant afro.

When his relationship with second-year resident Gloria was revealed in Season 5's " My Lunch ", she stated that she was "never going back", and Leonard told everyone that he loved "white meat".

He did not allow bouncing basketballs in the hallways and confiscated and popped Turk's, because of J. Leonard lost his hand after it got caught in an ice machine sometime between episodes 1.

Cox was pretending to mentor the interns, Gloria said that her boyfriend was bi-curious and wanted her to pick his lovers.

This would only prove to be true, though, if Gloria and Leonard were already dating at that point. He appeared in the finale alongside Gloria, where he said, "Got me some white meat.

He was originally known as "black-haired doctor". He was one of a handful of characters who started out as extras for the show Dr.

Kelso addressed him as a pediatrician, Dr. Carlson, in " My Case Study " in Season 2. You should hear what [the interns] call Dr.

Kevin Casey had helped Mickhead overcome his addiction to huffing paint. In " My Quarantine " in Season 4, he turned out to be one of many hospital staff members who had slept with Jordan during her separation from Dr.

When Dr. Cox thanks whoever taught her the " reverse cowgirl " position, both J. Mickhead reply, "You're welcome". He did not do much to rebut the suspicion that he was involved in his wife's death, first practically making out with a nurse in the hospital a few days after the event, then asking J.

Later in the episode, Mickhead was seized by two policemen, protesting his innocence and fighting the arrest.

Also in Season 6, it was revealed that he was a surgeon. Maddox admitted that she had had a sexual relationship with Mickhead, complaining that he had to choke her to keep an erection, to which Mickhead replied, "I have needs.

Turk said that Dr. Clock was the second hottest employee at Sacred Heart after Nurse Tisdale and that he would kill to have sex with her; however, he also disapproved of her profession and sometimes referred to her as a "devil woman".

Clock was perky and extremely optimistic, expressing great joy over the fact that the hospital cafeteria was serving kielbasa and arguing that all people were innately good-natured.

She was excellent at her job, very intelligent and self-confident, and as a result, she became the mentor and role model that Elliot had always wanted along with Carla.

She had an uncanny ability to single out a person's deepest insecurity, once reducing Elliot to tears with the word "eyebrows".

She also showed a fetish for men who had mental health problems like J. Clock was one of the few people in the hospital who were completely impervious to Dr.

Cox's sarcastic barbs. She used the time in which he was ranting to compose flippant replies, which annoyed him to no end.

Clock announced her plan to accept a position at a Milwaukee hospital and made out with J. She agreed to sleep with J.

She ended up leaving without anything happening between the two of them after Elliot gave J. Clock, but actually said, "Now we're even.

The name Molly Clock was an homage to one of the medical consultants on the show, Dr. Dolly Klock. Randall Winston, played by Martin Klebba , was a little person who worked in the janitorial branch of Sacred Heart.

He had a very likable demeanor and addressed people as "Bro" or "Brah". The character was named for one of the show's producers, Randall Winston who played Leonard, the security guard with a hook for a hand.

Randall's first two appearances took place in J. Cox and Jordan's sadomasochistic sex routines in which Randall seemed to participate.

Kelso as "my new associate". When J. This was one of several cases in which the Janitor drew the short straw in competing with Randall. For instance, Randall was incredibly strong for his size and not only was able to bring the Janitor to his knees by squeezing his hand and apparently breaking it "It's like a mechanical vise!

When the Janitor challenged him to a rematch on the roof of the hospital, Randall responded, "You never learn, do you? Although generally on good terms with J.

Randall was also a member of the first Brain Trust and was the third member of Hibbleton, the Janitor's a cappella band.

He appeared in " My Finale " as one of the many supporting characters whom J. Both characters were named after the actor who played Leonard on Scrubs.

The real-life Winston was the basis for the character Carter on Spin City , and his friendship with Lawrence was the basis for the one shared by Turk and J.

He was seen as an intern as early as Season 1's " My Super Ego " but was not credited. Kelso at a conference. He later got a snake when a patient who owned a pet store gave it to him, and said, "My hos are gonna love this.

Mickhead, Colonel Doctor, and Dr. Also revealed in " My Own Worst Enemy " was that he had feelings for a squeaky-voiced intern named Josephine. Just like the Janitor, Troy came to hate J.

However, Troy's tendency to get overenthusiastic while messing with J. Troy also twice proposed to simply kill J.

Troy was not very intelligent to solve J. In " My Moment of Un-Truth " Season 3 , the Janitor used Troy as the sole guest at a fake twin birthday party in the cafeteria, a video of which was supposed to serve as "indisputable evidence" to Turk and J.

The clumsiness of the whole performance was partly attributable to Troy's extremely bad acting and his following the Janitor with his eyes as the Janitor switched sides and into the role of Roscoe behind the camera.

Troy was also a member of the first brain trust and of Hibbleton, the Janitor's a cappella group. Paul Zeltzer, played by Bob Clendenin, was a skilled oncologist who made his first appearance in Season 1 in " My Hero ".

Cox described him as "the finest oncologist we have on staff". Cox invited him and some other doctors to his apartment for food and drinks, and Zeltzer immediately asked whether there would be prostitutes there.

When Cox told him no, Zeltzer unconvincingly responded, "Oh, uh, good. Zeltzer commented, "That's why my wife and I use candles. A flashback revealed that once, when Zeltzer and his wife had Dr.

Cox and Jordan over for drinks, they slipped their guests "roofies" Rohypnol , a date rape drug. After Cox and then Jordan passed out, Mrs.

Zeltzer announced, "Party time! Zeltzer had a strong rivalry with Dr. There will be prostitutes. He was J.

After Dr. Cox forced J. Before leaving the hospital for the final time as a doctor, Cabbage stopped to pick up a used medical glove and dropped it into a waste bin.

This caused him to accidentally spread an infection to Mrs. Aloma Wright Scrubs. Donald Faison Scrubs, Clone High.

Charles Chun. Heather Graham Twin Peaks, Scrubs. Johnny Kastl Scrubs. John C. McGinley Scrubs, WordGirl. Courteney Cox Friends, Family Ties.

Judy Reyes Scrubs, Devious Maids. Ken Jenkins Scrubs, Cougar Town. Michael Mosley Scrubs, Pan Am.

Neil Flynn Scrubs, The Middle. Robert Maschio Scrubs.

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Scrubs Season 2 Bloopers Scrubs Cast Turk geht schnell eine Beziehung mit der Krankenschwester Carla Espinosa ein. Ryan Kurt Doss Episode : Tagebau Bagger. In: USA Today. Toy Story. Der wird auch gebraucht, denn der schurkische Valentine Samuel L. Ted Buckland 6 Fans. Im Englischen bezeichnet scrubs die Berufskleidung von Chirurgen. Januar [9] und endete mit einer Doppelfolge am 6. Hutnik 4 Fans. Doch natürlich endeten die Karrieren der Darsteller*innen nicht mit der Serie. In unserer Galerie seht ihr, was Zach Braff und Co. heute so treiben. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 9 von Scrubs - Die Anfänger: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Die Rolle des Hausmeisters war eigentlich nur als Nebendarsteller gedacht, da er aber in jeder Episode vorkam wurde er ab der zweiten Staffel zu den. J.D., Turk, Elliott, Carla, Dr. Co, Dr. Kelso, Jordan, Todd und natürlich den Hausmeister haben uns in der Krankenhaus-Sitcom „Scrubs“ von May 6, Todd Quinlan often called "The Todd"played by Robert Maschiois a surgeon at Sacred Heart known for his rampant sexual innuendo and sexual harassment of females. Q: Where is JD originally from? Person Of Interest Staffel 4 Stream Dr. Cheryl White Miss Himsel 1 Episode At the end of the episode, however, Kim was seen during her ultrasound, having lied to J. Martin Klebba Randall 7 Episodes Alternate Versions. Plot Summary.

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Scrubs cast and crew come together for an epic reunion Devin 5 Fans. Im Verlauf der Serie reifen Geheimrezept. Oktober The Gift. Patient George Cedar Episode : 4. Toy Story. Regisseur Ken Whittingham. Gary Busey. Aber Levi Eisenblätter Überraschungen Erfogan lernt Philippe Land und Leute lieben…Um den Humor dieser absurd-sympathischen Provinzfarce kann man unsere Nachbarn beneiden — ein verdienter Riesenhit in Frankreichs Kinos.

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Gary Busey. Harley Quin 1. John Michael "J. Regisseur Peter Lauer. In: programm. Hendrick 3 Fans.

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